VRABE Regional Adult Based Education

Continuing Education Policies

General Information

  • Adult enrichment courses are open for enrollment to all adults in all towns.
  • Registration Fees are payable at the time of registration. Payment can be made by check, cash, money order, MasterCard or Visa. In some classes, this does not include the cost of books, materials or lab fees. See course description for details. There will be a $30 fee charged for checks returned to our office due to insufficient funds. 
  • Lab Fees: Lab (materials, supply) fees for many of the classes will be paid at the time you register for the class. These fees can be paid by whatever method you are using for the registration fee - credit card, personal check or cash. If you are mailing in your registration and using a personal check, please make sure to include the lab fee. Classes with a fee paid directly to the instructor will be noted in the class description and payment will be due the first night of class. 
  • Discounts: A few of our classes offer a 25% discount for one class per semester. To be eligible for the discount you must qualify as a senior citizen (age 62 or older) or military personnel (active, reserves, or retired). Classes that qualify will mention the discount in the description. 
  • No registration confirmation will be mailed to you. Registration confirmations are only available through online registrations, or if you provide an email address when mailing or telephoning your registration. 
  • Class Cancellations due to inclement weather or other emergencies can be seen on your local television station (and their online website) and will be announced on the telephone voicemail at the Continuing Education office. You may access this information by calling 860-870-6060 and selecting option 3 from the menu. The general rule is that if day school is cancelled or closed early, then all evening classes will be cancelled as well.
  • Teacher Absence: If an instructor is absent for any reason, he or she will notify class members and a week will be added on to the end of the semester to make up the missed class.
  • Vernon Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel classes, change instructors, or make any modifications to insure the soundness of the program.
  • Unless otherwise stated in a specific course description, all students taking Continuing Education classes must be at least 18 years of age. 

Refund Policy

A refund is given only if the class you are registering for is already full or if a class is cancelled. No other refund requests will be honored. Refunds will not be given because of a change of instructor. Refunds will not be given due to our mask policy. No credit is given for classes. 

For Classes at Rockville High School

You must enter Rockville High School either through the main doors which face Loveland Hill Road or through the back doors which are on the VO AG (north) side of the building. You may park in the lot in the front of the building or in the lot on the north side of the building. Please note that parking in the large lot on the south side of the building will create a very long walk to the front main entrance or the rear entrance. These are the only two entrances that will be open.