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English as a Second Language

Welcome to ESL Summer 2024!

*If you are new, you'll have to attend an ESL Information Session (orientation) and take a pre-test.

ESL Information Session Sign-up (Orientation)
Click the tab below and fill out the form.
Pre-Register for Free Adult ESL Classes 

Updated ESL Calendar Coming Soon!
Registration Process
• Click the link: Fill in the form by clicking here.
• Check your email: Look for a message asking you to complete a Student Information Form (SIF).
• Fill out the SIF online, click 'submit,' and receive a confirmation thanking you for your submission.
• New students: Email official passport, license, or government-issued ID) to shari.beaupre@vernonct.org.
• ESL Information Session: You'll get an email to schedule an ESL Information Session to check your English.
• Wait for class confirmation: Sit tight for an email that confirms the class you'll be joining.

Please Note:
• You need to be 17 years or older to join.
• if you're 17 or 18, get a withdrawal form from your high school saying you don't go there anymore.
• Classes are free to students in our 14-town area.

ESL Classes Overview:
Join small classes to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing with other students. Learn about different people and lifestyles in a friendly place.

Class Levels and Schedule:
Morning, afternoon, and evening classes are available for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students.

Contact Information:
For more information, contact Cortney Gerlach, Regional ESL Coordinator, VRABE Regional Adult Based Education, at cortney.gerlach@vernonct.org or 860-896-4113.
Daytime Locations & Schedules
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Evening Locations & Schedules 
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