VRABE Regional Adult Based Education

Program Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Program Advisory Committee is to build partnerships with community service providers and businesses in order to enhance collaboration that will increase the success of our students. The following businesses and VRABE staff members serve on this committee:

  • Drew Crandell, Keep in Touch – Vernon
  • Risa Filkoff, VRABE – Vernon
  • Michelle Hill, Vernon Youth Services – Vernon
  • Dean Kloter, The Business App Company – Ellington
  • Steven Phelps, Director, VRABE – Vernon
  • Paula Plante, KidSafe – Vernon
  • Sarah Singer, Federal Express – Willington
  • Svetlana Grishtaev, VRABE – Vernon
  • Richard Welk, VRABE – Vernon

If you would like to join the committee, please call Andrew K. Rockett, Director of VRABE Regional Adult Based Education at 860-870-6060. Your leadership skills and position in the business community would be an asset to our community.