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Our Director:

Andrew K. Rockett
Regional Supervisor

Rockville High School
70 Loveland Hill Rd
Vernon, CT 06066

Fax: 860-870-6455

Adult Virtual High School

Vernon Regional Adult Based Education is pleased to offer online courses to our students. The online credit diploma courses are designed for students to take in conjunction with their on site courses in order to earn their high school diploma.

In addition, a GED online course is offered to help students prepare to take their GED. This open enrollment course may be taken in conjunction with an onsite course or on its own.

Collaborative Project

Since 2003, VRABE has been part of a collaborative project. As adult educators, Vernon Regional Adult Based Education instructors recognized the need to explore this form of teaching and learning as an option for our students. In the fall of 2003, our Region, along with Hartford, New London, and Middletown Adult Education facilities entered into a collaboration with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium to design and pilot an Orientation to Web-based Learning course as well as 4  content area courses. In 2004 only 4 content level courses, Algebra, American Government, Physics, and Contemporary Literature, were available to the participating regions. There are a total of fifteen courses available to credit diploma students. Each course is divided into 2 sessions worth 1/2 credit each session. Each subject session is repeated at least once during the school year. There are four terms throughout the school year as well as a summer term. For a detailed description of each course and the schedule, please see the Courses link on the Adult Virtual High School website.

Students interested in participating in an online class for credit should read the information provided below:

Online Application Process

  1. The application form should be filled out by a facilitator or counselor for each student each term.
  2. All information must be typed.
  3. All forms must be submitted as an online attachment. Hard copies will not be accepted.
  4. All e-mails with the necessary attachment should have: “Online Application: Term ___” in the subject line.
  5. All forms must be submitted before the first day of registration. Please contact Svetlana Grishtaev at for the necessary dates or they may be accessed at

The first day of the next term's registration is September 4. All applications must be received by that day.

Student Prerequisites:

In order for students to enroll in an online class, the following requirements must be fulfilled. Students must:

  1. Complete at least one trimester of on-site courses with Vernon Regional Adult Based Education with all passing grades and no drops.
  2. If offered at your site, complete course “Orientation to Online Learning.” If the site does not offer the course, then they must complete 3 online modules and an open book exam.
  3. They must be motivated, since this is a time consuming task.
  4. They must have strong computer skills including using e-mail, Microsoft Word, and the Internet.
  5. They must have access to a computer—preferably at their own home due to the number of hours that will be required. Due to blocks and required software, the library is not a recommended option.

Student Requirements:

Once they are enrolled in an online course, there are a number of requirements. These may vary by course, but the following apply to all:

  1. They must meet with their mentor for at least 1.5 hours every week.
  2. If they fall behind in the class, the amount of hours may increase.
  3. If they get a week or more ahead in their class, they do not have to meet with their mentor.
  4. They must plan on dedicating at least 4 additional hours per week on their own.
  5. They must log on at least every other day to check announcements, assignments, and messages.

For more information, please contact the guidance counselors at your site
or contact Svetlana Grishtaev at (860) 870-6060 
or email

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